A Hen Harrier Week

May 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Hen Harrier

Dry and sunny weather on Islay all week but with a strong easterly wind

Good news from the Peregrines, they have now hatched – at least three young and possibly four. Both birds have been filmed together on the eyrie with the female brooding continuously but on one occasion the male has also brooded for a short while. Unfortunately the strong easterly wind has made filming impossible for the last five days.

Five days have been spent on Hen Harriers obtaining some very pleasing shots of the male bringing heather to the nest. This has now stopped and he merely flies over the nest when the female is away eating the prey he brings for her. Unfortunately long waits for me are involved with the male visits at three hour intervals!

No Otters this week, the rough seas making it impossible to search. Most of the Great Northern Divers have now flown to Iceland with the south east tailwind.

A search for Islay’s most illusive flower the Narrow Leaved Helleborine produced only one plant in flower ,which is better than some years when there are none.