Goldfinch Spectacular

January 13, 2008 at 9:13 pm


Another wet and cold week with very few days available for photography

I spent a morning in a friends garden filming up to five Bramblings that had been feeding for more than a week. It’s typical doing this job that as soon as you are in position to film anything something unplanned happens ie. builders arrived on a house nearby to reslate the roof!! Luckily they started on the back of the house and I managed to get ten minutes of video of the Bramblings before they flew off. I had forgotten how colourful a male Brambling was but from six foot with a twenty times magnification lens I was soon reminded.

A lot of food is now going into our garden and we have been rewarded with a record number of thirty three Goldfinches. As you would expect the Sparrowhawk is still making an appearance every now and then