A Sad Story

December 9, 2007 at 3:25 pm

Male Sparrowhawk

If last weeks weather was bad this weeks weather has been even worse with only five hours of sunshine and 2.39 inches of rain!

There have been plenty of birds in the garden with a peak of thirty seven starlings and twenty eight House Sparrows and the inevitable happened a male Sparrowhawk pounced on a Starling. This always presents a moral dilemma – do you rush out to rescue the Starling that was still squawking or do you let the Sparrowhawk have its meal? I arrived at a compromise, I walked out of the house slowly to let fate take its course. I almost reached the Sparrowhawk , with the Starling still calling, when instead of releasing its prey it flew off carrying it to a quiet corner to devour. Nature had taken its course.